BetaLogic: Behavior modification as circuitry. (Do fish have memory?)

Betalogic is an electro mechanical sculpture encasing an aquarium which is monitored with infrared sensors.

In this piece, the nature of a Betafish (siamese fighting fish) is exploited using backlighting and a two-way mirror to control the direction the Beta is moving within the small tank. A photoswitch sensor acts as a control mechanism to activate an electronic sound synthesizer, which then drives a series of incandescent lamps. In the primary state, the Beta has moved away from the mirror and is not in conflict with its mirrored reflection. In doing so, an electrical relay switches off the backlighting and allows the Betafish to interact with its own reflection. When the Beta has moved into the area directly in front of the mirror, the photoswitch activates a florescent sign box; shutting off the sound driven incandescent lamps. Thus, the Beta, by interacting with what is has precieved as being a threat/non-threat stimulus, creates a digital circuit, which is then translated using sound and light sources.

Key Components

  • Behavioral Modification
  • Logic Systems
  • Siamese Fighting Fish
  • Digital Control
  • Signal Wave Generation