Botchanical: Chaos, Catastrophy, and Evolution (Systems Theories and Emergent Behavior)

Botchanical is a bio-robotic sculpture which houses a hydroponically grown plant culture that provides data for a robotic armature. The mechanical armature controls a hydroponic system to create an artificially sustaneable architecture for the plant culture, a series of tropical Elephant plant starter cuttings grown inside a sealed chamber. Plant growth patterns exhibit chaotic qualities based on environmental conditions, which then creates data to produce changes in the mechanical system. Variances in Co2, Ionization, and Nitrate levels in the soil provide information for where the plants are in their metabolic cycle and what their needs are. As plants develop within the growth chambers, they exhibit machine like qualities based on the cycling of light presence, nutrient uptake, and carbon dioxide levels.

The machine apparatus take data derived from the plant tissue function and responds according to a catastrophic binary representation model this is a procedural codification for a plants metabolic process by checking current state of plant metabolic process with sets of responses. In this way, the machined arm and software are "Code Implemented as Evolution".

  • Chaos be thought of as a template or patternist system, although change is thought to be unpredictable. Implies that the past state mirrors the events for current states and leads to endstate achievement.
  • Catastrophy focuses on the current state of situatedness where the move from goal recognition to endstate is the catastrophe. Once complete, the new endstate becomes the new current state.
  • Evolution systems are based on levels of efficiency in that the subproducts are checked against current states at each point in a process. Algorithmic systems are a type of evolution system, which uses feedback mechanics to create generative patterns based on fitness. Emergence as behaviroal phenomena.
  • Treatment of the Eco-physiological model, and systems theories, as networked modality.
  • The system is allowed greater variability in production based on interactions between system nodes. (non congruent)

Key Components

  • Eco-physiology
  • Hydroponics and Automation Robotics
  • Chaos versus Catastrophy
  • Programming as encodification - Code as implemented evolution
  • Metabolism as a networked process