Catcher: Communication Through Digital Frameworks

Inspired by the events of John Lennon's murder and the book "The Catcher in the Rye", the Catcher is a network of software and computer hardware that accepts biological input to determine percieved demeanors in the output of a java based AI chatbot written in ProgramD.

By examining the relationships between the user-participant and the interative components of the Catcher, I am researching the emergence of artificial behaviors, and how these behaviors are intrepreted by a participant. In effect, Catcher is listening to a human heart beat, and as variance is found it produces changes, which can then be reinterpreted via sound and text by the participant and fed back into the network with an Electrocardiogram (EKG) sensor.
The Catcher Network is a culture as defined within the context of an artwork. The behavior of the computation processes (machine) and the biological source (human) are the results of their interactions. The Max/MSP patch is programmed to respond to information in a given way, this data could be said to be cultural knowledge as Explicit Culture in the data stream (i.e. Audio, EKG) and Tacit in its internal programming code. The same is true for the Apache Webserver running the java chatbot. However, for the biological sources (participants), our cultural knowledge defines how we will react to an engagement with a machine architecture. The computer hardware, the physical environment within which sensing is taking place, and the biological sources represent cultural artifacts. The social situation, context, in which behavior generation is taking place can be expanded on by examining the communication between participant and programming, how this data is then used, and what effects are then displayed (physical setting, actors/roles, and the patterns of engagement). I am searching for the Perfect Moment.

Key Components

  • Cultural Models and Ethnography
  • ECG/EKG Interfaces
  • ProgramD Chat Bot and Yahoo API
  • Database Programming