Monitor: Microscopic Video  

Monitor explores the variations of textural and sensual qualities of an object. The "Monitor" in this case is a machine, which is in constant surveillance of a spinning floppy disk drive through a black and white CCD security camera mounted within its frame. A small aluminum rod is inserted through the back of its housing and comes into contact with the disk drive making constant gradations upon the drive. Attached to the aluminum rod, contact microphones have been attached and monitor the vibrations of the rod while in contact.

Like a microscope, introspective, the video feed and sound feeds are then inputted into a nearby console where they can be viewed at 10x of the original frame. This work is intended to serve as a duration piece in that at some point in time the aluminum rod will slowly break down from being in constant contact with the spinning disk..

Aluminum Framing, Closed Circuit Video Camera, Custom Electronics, Televison Monitor.