O.R.A.C.L.E.: Ostensible Recursive Actuated Cinematic Linguistic Engine
Prophecy Through Memantics

Oracle is a speech to text synthesis tool which receives sound input from a user, creates a series of variables from this input, parses the response according to the generated variables, then reiterates the information back to the user. The Orcale Project is a prophetic device intended on revealing the relationships between communication and data representation.

There is an understanding of our bodies in physical space and engagement with surroundings. We can recreate these scenarious in which actions take place based on prior user experiences or through the simulation of events. Perceptual Cognition is involved with acting upon these expectations of what objects will afford us, together with the social apparatus of embodyment.

As user interacts with work, level of amplitude in voice is parsed by Max/Msp and then scaled to 64 possible responses based on yi-ching.

User input as synthetic environmental variable versus internal knowledge or system of self help, is a discussion of technology as advanced sentience having an understanding of the “Beyond”.

Gives meaning to a pattern of speech or sound outside that of typical cognitive functioning.

Memantics and Probablity:

If asked, if I know the answer to my question then doesn't that create a paradox for self determination? No because the future has not happened, it is consistent with present possibility. Mementatics uses this possibility to "recreate" through what I call an artificial self-culture.

"Prophecy is hard, Particularly about the future."-Yogi Berra

How can information be parsed from the net that is relative to signal in (sound, text, biofeedback). This is a question of functionality. In the case of the I-Ching, the process of selection and the mediation upon dualities of nature create a zone in which possiblities are taking place. Rule of Engagement.

Numerology, likewise, puts value to alphabetical sequences by creating this relationships between data sources.

Perceptual Instinct: Creating, memantically, the situation in which expectations are defined prior to communications. This is a diffusion of sensory cognition from what is appropriate into deviation from expectation. The mystery is an interpretation.

Key Components

  • Perceptual Instinct and Cognition.
  • Memantics.
  • Probability and Digital Processing.
  • Human Interface with Divine.

"All sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."-Arthur C Clark.

Oxyrhynchus 331Bc. - Egypt incorporated into Greek Cultural Heritage as part of Roman Empire. A person could apply to a temple oracle in the hope of a solution to a personal problem. The usual practice, inherited from Egyptian religion, was to submit a pair of slips like this to the priest, each asking a question, of which the second question would effectively be the negative of the first; one of the two slips would be returned to the petitioner. This example is unique in apparently having the answer nai, "yes", at the foot.

I-ching as a Technological Interface.
  • Cannon of Change (being vs becoming)
  • 8 trigrams create compass of worlds elementals. Composed of ying-yang.
  • Selection of Yarrow Sticks Used as a Random Number Generator.

Esoterical Prophetics of Old
  •  Mystical Connotations of Knowledge
  • (10x+y)-(x+y)=9x
  • Multiples of nine (Temple Of Bejing, Masons and Baseball) has roots in eastern mysticism and numerology within Judaism as "Tet". 
  • Equational expression of a mystery or unforseen nature of universe.

Novikov self-consistency conjecture:
  • Probability of an event inconsistent with the event itself is 0.
  • Events on timeline are influenced by past and future, and are consistent. 
  • Not a one way street. Time Loop Logic gates.

Events along line as points demarcated must retain consistency with all events in the effect of time loop circuit. As information changes all points either change, or become incosistent. "knowledge" is the relationship between point demarcated and its implications or relationship to the next or prior point.

Perceptual Cognition Describes a layer of expectation through interactivity. Understanding of what is taking place and the meaning derived. What Is Affordance? - "Object Affordances" versus "Social Affordances" - tools for communication, from phones to IRC to online communities