The Pilot Project: Ettiquette, Censorship, and Self-Knowledge Systems.

Pilot is a Electroencephalography (EEG) device which uses eye movement and Theta waveforms to provide movement instructions for a wireless robot.

The Pilot Project is interested in facilitating a user's perception of participating with the work rather than trying to control the behavior of the robot. The Pilot Project addresses how people are able to create perceptual strategies based on a particular self knowledge system. (i.e. how to reflect on how the eyes are moving, how the neuro-chemical balance in the brain is functioning, and the ability to distinguish small changes in nerve pathways in our bodies.)

I am curious how people make use of the range of movement afforded through muscle tissue and brain functioning, which can be translated into robotic actuation, and how the action of remote bodys may reflect self perception.

(Note regarding the concept of self etiquette: By training yourself to become more efficient in this cybernetic (machine-human) engagement, is there an effect on the level of appropriateness embedded into the interaction based on perceptual cues from the experience. Etiquette would then be a reflection of efficiency (does this movement work for my situation or not) afforded by perceptual and situational cognition, and probably willingness.)

Utilizes a self knowledge system (re)cognition of thought/movement into actuation.
(Note on the transmission of identity: although the hot dog stand is controllable, the robot maintains own behavior. There is a reflection of environmental behavior in EEG waveform.)

Does technology really transverse the terrain of our minds, or are we simply making an association between our bod and, the remote body within physical space....

This is a referential way of thinking about data not just as raw values but giving relevance to our experience of the body, or world, and the negotiation of (personal and apersonal) control over physical and mental processes.

(Note on system of Procedure: promotes certain conditions over others to produce behavior, a level of “normalcy” as modification or correctness. Can be a political system, if conditions are met then reiterate.)

Key Components of the Pilot Project:

  • Discusses participatory structures as communication strategies in social areas through interactivity.
  • Situational and consequential frameworks for how political control is utilized as a censorship of etiquette.
  • Self censorship takes place to ensure broader compatibilities. Censoring is a manipulation of behavioral paradigms.
  • Necessary to understand the implications of perceptual cues and their application to interactive engagements to retain physical accessibility.

Technical Aspects:

An RF module is attached to the ceiling to send the signal from the Macintosh running the EEG software to the Robot. MSP controls EEG in, parses the data and derives an output variable then sends the value to an EZIO board. The EZIO both receives the signal from EEG as well as relays information from MAX to a Basic StampII which has the RF module attached to it.

There is a diagram showing the connections between the IBVA EEg module through a virtual midi port to MAX/MSP. A serial object then sends a parsed variable to the EZIO board which sets a pin on the Basic StampII either high or low. This pin state is then sent via a Parallax 433Mhz RF transiever to another seperate Basic StampII mounted within the body of the Pilot Robot. Based on the users waveform state (the variable is sent every 200ms) the bot will move in one of four directions. The higher the frequency, the more eye movement present, the more the bot will move in a forward or backward direction, whereas a relaxed state with the eyes closed will result in turning either left or right.

Completed project showing the hardwire connections: Ibva wireless system is inputed into a Keyspan Serial adaptor (19-hs) in port 1 as well as the EZIO in port 2. The MAX patch sends a signal turning a pin on the EZIO high or low and is transferred to the BS2, showing the Parallax wireless RF modules attached to the BS2. Can then trace the signal path to a set of Servo motors (R and L). The IR Pairs are used as "Eyes" for the bot to detect the path of the taped boundary on the floor.The white tape on the floor was to create a boundary Detectable by an Infrared sensor that when the bot moved over that section of the floor would back up and re-orient itself.