Undergraduate Thesis
Satellite: Generating flocking behavior through sequence timing.

Satellite is an electro-mechanical environment containing photovalic robots that are directed according to a generative algorithm.

In behavior-based Artificial Intelligence the modules that are defined are behavior producing. Typically these modules might be an obstacle avoidance behavior, standing up behavior, a gaze control behavior, etc. The components directly participate in producing behaviors such as avoiding obstacles, standing up, controlling gaze, etc. Intelligent functionality of the system, such as perception, planning, modeling, learning, etc., emerges from the interaction of the components.

Behaviors are pre-sets of data relationships. Programming then is deterministic (I like to think of genetics in this way, but not sure if this is true). Through processing, functioning, learning patterns develop from these behaviors and their interactions. I am curious if the interactions taking place are meant to be between conditions/response or between one another (i.e., relationships made between modules). Are emergent behaviors deterministic, do they evolve?

There is an indication of control in environmental factors to affect internal processing. (I/O relativity to environmental variations). However, if a system is reflecting changes in output in terms of input, where models are initiated at fixed starting point, is learning really possible? If changes in environment = changes in processing then there are equilibral development, seems that biological functions would reflect some, but not all, of environmental changes and have marked differences in system failures or successes. Intelligence for one system and environment is not true for different system in same environment. Intelligence may be emerging as ability to produce (accuracy, effectiveness) behavior appropriate to conditions. However, non-appropriateness may lead to other forms of cognition. Where and how is intelligence valued? It is important to understand complexity of sub-processing in module interactions in defining behavior sets. I am curious what research child development, behavior modification, and pharmaceutical technology has been done in determining intelligence as effect of systems theory.

Key Components

  • Generative Programming
  • Emergent Behaviors
  • Control and Environment
  • Data Mapping
  • Intelligence Modeling
  • Module Interaction